Don’t Miss These Five Incredible Experiences In Bangkok!

If you are keen on exploring Thailand, Bangkok is a great place to start. It’s what an ideal capital city should look like, but Bangkok is also deep rooted in culture and heritage. Since there’s so much you can do here, we bring a must-do list that will make things simpler, especially when you are on a short trip and must prioritize.

  • Go for a Tuk Tuk. Okay, this is something that most travelers enjoy, and even WikiTravel says so! Tuk Tuk is basically a three-wheeled vehicle that you can find in most parts of Bangkok. Hop on and take a ride of the city. Some of the tuk-tuks can be booked for the day, but do haggle, because there are no standard prices.
  • Visit the temples. Thailand is known for its temples, and in Bangkok, you need to make time for Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew among others. These old temples have been preserved in the best form, and honestly, every temple is a sight to behold, especially considering the cultural and religious value.

  • Stay at one of the hotels. Even if you are on a shoestring budget, do make time to spend at least one or two nights at one of the luxury hotels. You can check unique small luxury hotels in Bangkok by Secret Retreats as one of the choices. The hotels here offer amazing budget deals, especially if you book in advance.
  • Treat yourself. Asian food is globally known, but food in Thailand is another gastronomical experience in itself. The good thing is you can go for some amazing food tours here, which can be really fun. Thai cuisine is a mix of many things and incredible herbs, so do give a try. We also recommend that you try the street food in Bangkok – little pocket pinch but high on flavors.

  • Go to the floating market. Many may argue that floating markets are no longer same in Thailand, and that’s true. If you don’t want to go too far from the city, just head to Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market, which has a real and genuine feel that you wouldn’t find in other markets.

You can also include some of the other famed things, like the Grand Palace, Pak Khlong Flower Market and Reclining Buddha. It is best to plan your trip and decide on what interests you the most before coming here in Bangkok!

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