How to Prepare for a Trip to Japan

Japan is one of the best tourist destinations across the world. It is known for several heritage sites. Japan is also home to sushi, a very famous culinary export. Japan is definitely one of the places that you must visit during your holidays. When traveling to Japan, what are steps that you should follow to make your trip a successful one? The following are the tips to prepare for a trip to japan.

  1. Buy your flight ticket

This is the first and the foremost important step. You know that you definitely must have a flight ticket for you to fly to another country. You can buy your ticket at and make your dream of visiting Japan come true.

  1. Make your passport

The next thing is to apply for a passport. The passport will enable you to enter in Japan. The following are steps of applying for a passport.

  • Fill out the form [read the instructions carefully when filling the form]
  • Have the supporting documents
  • Get the photo
  • Calculate your fees
  • Submit
  1. Choose the cities that you want to visit and book a hotel

When you are visiting a foreign country for a vacation, it is necessary to note down the cities that you want to visit. This will make your vacation stress-free because you would know which place to go on each day. It is also essential to book for a hotel in advance. The hotel should match your expectations. You can let Opodo book for you a nice hotel.

The following are some of the best cities to visit in Japan.

  • Tokyo
  • Hiroshima
  • Kyoto
  • Kanazawa
  • Yokohama
  • Osaka
  1. Choose the season that you prefer

Japan has four seasons in a year namely spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Spring starts from March to May, June to August is summer season, the autumn season starts from September to November, and the winter season is from December to February.  The temperature and climate vary according to the season.

The best time to travel is during the spring season even though it can come with strong winds. One of the best things about traveling during spring is because of the cherry trees. You will get to see the cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom viewing events are held in different spots like Tokyo.

Autumn is also a comfortable season to visit Japan. The heat level reduces, and the temperature goes down. You can enjoy viewing the beautiful nature colors. Cultural events are also held during this season.

  1. Choose the method of transport that you want to use within Japan

Choosing the method that you want to use to travel from one destination to another is very important. The following are some of the means of transport in Japan.

  • Bus

Very people use a bus to travel around Japan. Buses are mainly used in small cities where there are no subways or tram services.

  • Japanese Rail

The Japanese Rail [JR] Pass allows foreigners to access any Japanese Rail line in the country for one or two weeks. It allows foreigners also to use different high-speed trains. Trains provide the fastest and most convenient way to move around the city.

  • Taxi

You can also use a taxi to move around the city. Taxis are found in both small and large cities.

  • Private lines

They are also numerous in Japan. They provide quality services to the tourists. You can use them to travel from one city to another.

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