Top Outdoor Adventures In Auckland

Anyone in search of outdoor adventure in New Zealand would be making a huge mistake not to schedule a stop in Auckland. The Auckland region has long been known as a hotspot for adventure and has been attracting motorhome hire new zealand travelers for many decades. With its combination of natural wonders, amazing scenery, and abundance of adventures to get up to, the region will definitely keep you occupied no matter how long you plan on staying. Auckland itself is a vibrant and fun town, making it a perfect base for those looking to hit up all the action in the region. If you have Auckland on your bucket list then keep these area adventure in mind.

Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump

There are actually three bridges that make up this legendary landmark, which makes it perfect for bungy jumping. What could be more adrenalizing than jumping off a bridge? There are bungy zones on each bridge and multiple services offering the opportunity to take a jump. This is an experience you won’t soon forget, and on your way to the jump you can check out the extraordinary views of the harbour and skyline.


Located just outside Auckland, there are many skydiving services offering the opportunity to take a jump out of an airplane. The great thing about Auckland is that just a short drive from the center of town there is hundreds of miles of open space. This means you can wake up in the center of Auckland and be out in the wilds in less than an hour, then up in an airplane and ready to make your leap. One thing you will want to check out is the legendary Drop Zone which is located less than an hour from Auckland and features a number of tours. This is the highest drop you can legally participate in within New Zealand, which in this country is really saying a lot. Any adrenaline junkie is not going to want to miss out on taking advantage on one of the top thrilling activities in the country.


You don’t even need to leave Auckland to experience this one. Right on Waitemata Harbour there are a number of services offering rides on jetboats. These boats go incredibly fast and are a lot of fun to zoom around on in the harbour, so if you want a great way to explore the city’s waterfront and see the skyline from a whole other angle, then this is a great way to experience it. Many of the tours allow you to be out on the water for an hour at a time, so whatever price you have to pay will be completely worth it. Jetboating is an incredible experience and this is highly recommended for anyone in search of Auckland adventure.

Sky Tower

Easily identifiable as the tallest building in Auckland, Sky Tower offers grand city views that are spectacular to witness. But if you’re on a motorhome hire new zealand adventure trip then you are in search of more than just the views. The good news for you is that Sky Tower offers far more than just the scenery. You can take advantage of the Sky Walk which provides a thrilling experience. You will be harnessed in and can walk right to the edge of the building, which will definitely get your heart pumping. If you really want thrills then check out the terrifying Sky Jump that will give you the opportunity to drop out over the city on a bungy. There is really no more heart stopping activity in New Zealand than this, so if you’re really daring then make sure to take advantage.

Climb Auckland Harbour Bridge

Auckland has the one and only opportunity to bridge climb in the entire country, and for those seeking adventure you should definitely check this one out. The two hour climb begins at the base of the bridge and over the course you will scale the entire structure until you reach the very top. Of course along the way you will experience absolutely epic views that take in the entire cityscape and the water beyond. Once you’ve reached the top you can pause and witness one of the most stunning sights you will see in all of New Zealand.

Auckland may be an urban center but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t boast some amazing outdoor adventures that will really get your heart pumping. If you’ve been planning a motorhome hire new zealand journey full of adventure and have left Auckland off your list because you think it doesn’t pack the outdoor activities you have in mind then think again. Auckland has a wide selection of thrilling activities that you can enjoy while you’re in town, so be sure it sits on your adventure bucket list.

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